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10 Things to Know Before Moving to North Houston

10 Things to Know Before Moving to North Houston

If you plan on moving to North Houston any time soon, it’s always best to know about the great city that you’re moving into.

Before you start planning your apartment size out or even fill out your first rental application, the management at Arden Woods Apartments has some information we’d like to share with you about our gorgeous neck of the woods.

Here are 10 things you’ll need to know before you make a move to Houston!

1.  Population

The population is something that many people consider before they move into a new city. Houston itself is a quickly growing and bustling city. According to the World Population Review, it’s the 4th most populous city in the United States, rounding out at over 2 million people.

If a big city isn’t something you’re looking for, then settling into a suburb like Spring, Texas, where the population is around 60,000 may be more of the crowd you’re looking for.

2.  Cost of Living

Texas is known for its excellent cost of living, and Houston is no different. When you move to our part of the nation, expect 8 percent lower costs of living in Houston than the national average.

3.  Average Salary

Although the cost of living is lower in Houston, the average salary is quite comfortable. According to, the average Houstonian makes $72,000 per year.

4.  Houston is NASA’s Home

The Space Center in Houston is one of the most popular tourist destinations of our city. We are proud to be the true home of NASA.

We guarantee that if you move to North Houston, you won’t ever have to report back, “Houston, we have a problem.”

5.  Expect Traffic

With a city as loved as Houston, traffic is inevitable. Unlike other Western cities like San Francisco or Downtown Los Angeles where biking or walking is the way to get around, Houston requires you to have a car.

Public transportation is still developing in our area, so most residents own their own vehicles. Be warned, if you know you have to get somewhere on time, plan your trip accordingly because traffic is something to expect.

6.  Learn Where The Galleria Is

The Galleria is the biggest shopping center in Texas. It’s so large, that it’s become a focal point for giving directions around town. No matter where you are located in Harris County, knowing the fastest route to The Galleria is a must.

7.  Houston is Home to the 8th Wonder of the World

Although the Houston Astrodome closed in 2008, it’s still a point of pride for locals! If you hear someone mention the 8th Wonder of the World, they’re definitely talking about this favorite landmark.

8.  Get the Insect Repellent Ready

Houston can be a hot and humid place to live. The weather in our area often leads to outdoor gatherings where mosquitoes like to prey on people’s fun. We recommend always having a great insect repellent available to avoid any pesky bites!

9.  Houston Vs. Dallas is a Never-Ending Argument

Most big cities in different states have rivalries. However, nothing compares to how Houstonians and Dallas residents argue about which city is more “Texas.”

The argument is never-ending, so we recommend just keeping the peace and knowing that in Houston, you’re truly living deep in the heart of Texas.

10.The Beach is Just a Hop and a Skip Away

Need to get away from the crowd? Luckily, our favorite beach town, Galveston, is only 45-minutes away! Enjoy the sights and smells of the shore anytime you like when you call Houston home!

Settle Into Your North Houston Life with Arden Woods Apartments

If you’re ready to start your new life in North Houston, Spring, Texas is an excellent part of the area to call home. Enjoy the peacefulness of the suburbs while being a short drive away from the big city.

Arden Woods Apartments has unit layouts to meet the needs of any sized family. Our luxury units and amenities we provide to our tenants can’t be matched in the area. Contact us today to schedule a tour of one of our available apartments.