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Affordable Hacks to Bring Your Unique Aesthetic to An Apartment

Affordable Hacks to Bring Your Unique Aesthetic to An Apartment

Living in a North Houston apartment can save you money each month and make it possible to build a savings account, go on vacations, and make other purchases that you might not have the extra money for with a traditional mortgage and house.

You can save even more money by using some affordable decorating hacks that are designed to make your apartment look like it just stepped out of the pages of “Architectural Digest.”

Here are a few of those awesome design ideas for updating your home – whether it’s one of our apartments in North Houston or your very own house.

Go Big with Art Prints

You probably won’t have a Rembrandt or a Monet hanging up in your apartment, but you may have a reproduction of a legendary artist’s work on your wall. One of the best ways to create a bold statement for your living room is to place just a single, large print on the wall, rather than a series of smaller pictures.

An article from Apartment Therapy suggests:

“A large-scale print or painting, like [a] colorful abstract style… transforms a living room wall into an artful display in seconds.”

One of the best parts of decorating a wall with a single, large painting is the fact that it’s just a single purchase, and you don’t have to spend any time fitting the picture together with other works of art.

Find Handmade Art by Local Artists

One of the trendiest things you can do to improve the décor of apartments in Spring, TX, is to purchase and display art from local artists. You don’t have to find art that’s worthy of hanging in a major museum. Something kitschy and unique – or even a few items from various artists – can give your apartment some excellent character.

An article from The Spruce suggests:

“To add uniqueness to an otherwise bland apartment or rental home, look for handmade or vintage items to spruce up your space.”

If you’re not able to find any art from local dealers that suits your tastes, consider heading online to sites like Craigslist or to local garage sales. Local sales apps on your smartphone are another great way to snag cool, trendy accessories for luxury apartments.

Make Your Home Your Own at Arden Woods Apartments

Decorating your apartment is one of the exciting parts of moving into a new home, and it’s a relief to start shopping for décor once you’ve chosen from the area’s luxury apartments for rent.

Arden Woods Apartments is ready to welcome you and your unique vision. Contact us today to start the application process.