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Tips for Apartment Hunting With a Pet

Tips for Apartment Hunting With a Pet

Finding an apartment rental with a pet-friendly atmosphere isn’t always the easiest task, and many apartment communities that do accept pets have some breed and size restrictions that make it tough for some apartment hunters to find an apartment with their beloved family pet.

If you’re thinking about renting an apartment and you own a pet, here are a few tips to get you started with your apartment hunt.

Make Your Search Easy from the Start

There’s nothing worse than finding an absolutely beautiful apartment home and learning that the community doesn’t allow pets. When you begin your search for a pet-friendly apartment, you’ll want to make sure that you have “pet friendly” checked for the search.

Most apartment hunting websites allow you to filter your results with your desired parameters, and you can often choose various pet-friendly filters like “dog friendly,” “cat friendly,” and “pet friendly.” Some websites even offer specific pet-related search terms like “allows small dogs.”

Give Yourself Time to Find a New Spring, Texas Apartment

One of the mistakes apartment-hunters make when searching for a new apartment is thinking they can find the perfect home with great amenities in just a few days. While lightning can strike and you can fall into an amazing apartment with just a few days spent searching, that’s not always the case when you have to find a home that accepts pets.

The Humane Society recommends:

“Allow as much time as possible to search.”

Sometimes, it’s not possible to begin your search well in advance of when you have to move, but it’s always a good idea to start as early as possible. If nothing else, your early searches can help you figure out how common it is in your town for apartment communities to accept pets.

Tell the Landlord About Your Pet

You’ll occasionally run into apartment communities where pets are allowed, but there are some restrictions on breeds, sizes, or types of pets. In such cases, you may find it helpful to create a resume of sorts for your pet. You can tell the property owner or management company all about your pet and why it’s a great addition to your family.

Even if the landlord has a rule against having pets, you might be able to sway their opinion on the matter by introducing them to your pet. Some apartment hunters even go so far as to have a previous landlord write a recommendation about your pet that you can use as a selling point to secure your new Spring apartment rental.

If you run into a situation where the landlord has breed or size restrictions, you might be able to squeeze by that restriction by making a great impression with your pet when you meet the landlord. It can’t help to ask about your pet, even if it’s a little larger than what the apartment community would otherwise allow.

Find Your Pet-Friendly Home at Arden Woods

If you want to find a welcoming apartment home for your family and your pet in Spring, Texas, consider Arden Woods Apartments. We’d love to welcome you on a tour of our beautiful community today.

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