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How to Protect Your Apartment While On Vacation

How to Protect Your Apartment While On Vacation

Summer is here and people are eager to get out and see the world! If you plan on heading out of town, make sure that amidst all of the excitement, you have a plan for keeping your Spring Texas apartment protected while you’re away.

Here are six easy ways you can enjoy some distant fun in the sun while ensuring your apartment is safe and sound.

Invest in Renter’s Insurance

Renter’s insurance is something that you may never use but should always have in your back pocket. Some apartment complexes include it in your monthly rent, but others may leave the responsibility in your hands.

Although one always hopes that they’ll never need to put their insurance to work, rental insurance should cover:

  • Covered peril damages
  • Personal property damages
  • Personal liability

With renter’s insurance on your side, you can feel protected while you’re away, even on the rare occasion that something at home goes very wrong.

Look for a House-Sitter

If you own pets or just really want someone to physically check in on your apartment, reach out to a trusted friend or family member. A house-sitter can help deter any potential threats to your apartment while also ensuring that your pets are well-cared for.

Keep Your Vacation Plans Private

So you don’t have a house-sitter, that’s okay! As long as you keep your vacation plans relatively private, many people may not even notice that you’re away. So, let your close friends and family know you’ll be away, but we recommend not blasting your plans out on social media, or leaving your luggage outside while picking up your car.

The quieter you are about your vacation plans, the better!

Install Self-Monitoring Technologies

Modern monitoring technology is awesome these days, and the best part is, it’s affordable for almost anyone! If you know you’ll be away for a lengthy period of time and want to keep an eye out on your apartment from afar, invest in a couple of wireless cameras. Most of these products come with a handy application that allows you to monitor from afar.

If you notice anything suspicious, you’ll be able to quickly report it to the authorities from wherever you’re vacationing.

Unplug Electronics While Away

Although most of our safety tactics have been geared towards break-in prevention, fire hazards are also a huge concern for the vacationing renter. It’s easy for any plugged-in appliance to fire up a little too much electricity during a power surge and start a house fire.

If you aren’t home to catch the initial flames, your apartment could face horrid devastation. Before you leave, unplug all unnecessary electrical devices in order to add an extra layer of protection to your apartment while you’re away.

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