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How to Be the Best Apartment Neighbor Possible

How to Be the Best Apartment Neighbor Possible

We’ve all heard the terrifying tales about apartment dwellers with nightmarish neighbors. While most may seem exaggerated, they are likely true. The unfortunate fact is that most “bad” neighbors don’t even realize the issues they create for an apartment complex.

If you are planning on moving to a Spring, Texas apartment in the near future, we recommend following these easy steps towards being the best apartment neighbor in your community.

Tread Lightly…Literally

You know the story of the stomping neighbors overhead. If you’re in an apartment with people below you, you may not know how easy it is to become “that neighbor.” We suggest always treading mindfully throughout your apartment and keeping the peace of your neighbors below in mind.

On that note, keeping the noise level in your apartment down, in general, is also excellent apartment etiquette. Some easy ways to do so include the following:

  • Turning down electronics during the early and late hours of the day
  • Teach your kids to practice “quiet time” during the evening
  • Vacuum and perform heavy cleaning over the weekends

Be Proactive With Your Introduction

This can be tough for people that are shy, but when you move into your new apartment, make the first introductions. We’re not saying you have to become best friends with your neighbors, but a simple introduction starts the first steps of a great rapport.

A good relationship with your neighbors can be beneficial if you go out of town or need assistance with a household project. Make your life easier and make the first moves towards a relationship.

Keep Your Pets in Control

Apartments that allow pets can be great for dog and cat owners. However, it’s always best to be a responsible pet owner. This means:

  • Picking up after your pet voids outside
  • Keeping pets off of your neighbor’s property
  • Keeping your dog on a leash in common areas
  • Warning neighbors if your dog is skittish or not used to children that may want to pet it

Have Dumpster Etiquette

Even a community dumpster is something to take into consideration as a new neighbor. Keep the area clean and strive to:

  • Tie up bags to prevent leaks
  • Double bag your garbage if you know it’s odorous or potentially leaky
  • Avoid overfilling the dumpster and creating potential spillover

Keep Shared Amenities Clean

Although your apartment community will have a maintenance team to regularly clean shared amenities like community centers, fitness centers, and swimming pools, you can still do your part to keep shared areas clean.

When visiting a shared public space with your family or friends, always pick up after yourself and try to leave the area in a cleaner state than it was when you arrived. This ensures the next neighbors using the location will have a fresh start at their outing.

While this neighborly tip is a relatively thankless one, we guarantee that the effort is always welcome.

Be a Better Neighbor at Arden Wood Apartments

If you’re planning a move out to Spring, Texas, the management at Arden Woods Apartments invites you to check out our available units. Living here is an experience that pleases all walks of life. From our luxury apartments to our numerous amenities, there is something in our community for everyone to enjoy and truly feel “at home.”

Friendly neighbors are always welcome; and that means you! Contact us today to learn more about our current availability and to schedule an apartment tour with our manager.