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Summertime Apartment Swimming Pool Etiquette

Summertime Apartment Swimming Pool Etiquette

The heat is finally in full swing and residents around Spring, Texas are eager to start taking a dip in their swimming pools. As an apartment renter, one of the most accessible places to swim is the community pool at your complex.

However, this is a space that’s meant to be fun for all in attendance. So, before you leap into the deep end, make sure you have these common pool etiquette practices down!

Stick to the “Pool Rules”

Every community swimming pool has its own set of rules that help keep guests safe and having a great time. Before you start swimming, give the rules a quick review and remain mindful of the steps you and your guests must take to follow them.

Keep an Eye on Your Kids

No, we aren’t just talking about general pool safety. While you should always know what your kids are doing near a swimming pool, be on the lookout for any behavior they are doing that could interfere with another guest’s peaceful afternoon. 

Whether it’s halting some excessive splashing or stopping a toddler from trying to sneak a snack, you should always make sure that your kids are letting other members equally enjoy their poolside time.

Clean Up Your Own Area Afterwards

Although an apartment community typically has a vendor that maintains the swimming pool area, they are not responsible for cleaning up after you and your guests. If food and drinks are involved in your swimming pool fun, please make sure to bring your own containers to hold goods in and to toss out all trash, leaving your spot clean for the next visitor.

Avoid High-Impact Splashes

Cannonballs and Belly Flops may be par for the course at a private pool. However, not everyone poolside wants to get a residual splash. If you or your kids really want to horseplay in the pool, please be courteous enough to wait until your area is relatively clear of other visitors.

Apply Sunblock Away from Other Guests

Most sunblocks are now in spray-on form. While the average pool goer isn’t eager to get a sunburn, a stranger may be equally uncomfortable with getting your excess spray in their space. 

The pool area is a relatively open space. So, pick a spot that is fairly free of other guests to get you and your family UV protected.

Follow the Apartment Dress Code

Yes, your apartment swimming pool will have a dress code. As a community amenity, the swimming pool is meant to be a family-friendly environment. Please, keep your risque suits at home.

Be Volume Aware

Music is something that often goes hand-in-hand with a day at the pool. Remember, though, not everyone has your tastes in tunes. So, either ear bud it up or keep your Bluetooth speaker at a reasonable volume.

Watch Your Language

As we’ve mentioned before, the pool is a fun spot for all ages. Therefore, please respect all ages in attendance and use appropriate language to express yourself.

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