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Tips For Determining the Apartment Size You Need

Tips For Determining the Apartment Size You Need

When apartment hunting, you’ll find that each complex you look at will have numerous sizes of available floor plans. As a first-time renter, choosing a floor plan to call home can be an overwhelming experience.

Don’t let apartment hunting in Spring, Texas stress you out. Follow these tips to accurately determine the apartment size you need to shop for.

Examine Your Living Situation

Before you start shopping, take a step back and consider the state of your household.

  • Are you single?
  • Do you plan on getting married in the near future?
  • Do you already have a family?
  • Do you have pets?

Answering these questions can help you narrow down the amount of square footage, bedrooms, and bathrooms you’ll need in your new apartment.

Keep Your Budget in Mind

Everyone wants to have their own space to themselves. Many single people even rent out two-bedroom apartments and turn the second bedroom into a guest room or entertainment center.

Regardless of the amount of space you want for your apartment, you must always be certain that you can afford your ideal apartment size in the area where you’re hunting.

How Do You Plan on Using Your Apartment?

Your lifestyle and habits play a huge role in the amount of square footage you will want out of an apartment.

If you know that you’re single and will just be using your space as a place to unwind after a day at work or a night on the town, maybe a 1 bed, 1 bath floor plan is the right fit for you.

Or, maybe you work from home and love to entertain. In that case, a larger floor plan may be what you’re looking for.

Whatever your work or social life is, at Arden Woods Apartments, we have a variety of floorplans and amenities for our tenants.

Our apartments range between 590 and 1,409 SQ. FT. Trust us when we say that we have a unit that can accommodate your living desires.

Visit the Apartment in Person

Virtual tours are amazing online tools. However, nothing can beat falling in love with an apartment layout after you’ve visited in person. Before visiting, ask the leasing manager if your potential apartment is available for viewing. If it isn’t, you’ll take a tour of an apartment with a similar layout to what you’re in the market for.

An in-person tour can give you an idea of how comfortable you may be in your apartment. However, the biggest benefit of touring a potential apartment is the opportunity for you to take measurements for your incoming furniture and determine if this model is the size that you need for your belongings.

Schedule an Apartment Tour at Arden Woods Today!

If you’re looking for an apartment in Spring, Texas that has all of the space and amenities your family needs, Arden Woods Apartments is ready to meet you!

Contact us today to schedule a tour or to simply start the application process with a leasing agent. We’re eager to show you why we are one of the most coveted apartment complexes in North Houston.