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Tips for Hosting Thanksgiving at Your New Apartment

Tips for Hosting Thanksgiving at Your New Apartment

Ah, the holidays, a time for gathering friends and family and enjoying a bountiful feast that everyone can be thankful for. For those living in an apartment, this vision may seem out of reach upon first glance.

Unbeknownst to most, an apartment can be a perfect place to host a Thanksgiving dinner. One simply has to plan ahead and remember that the holiday is about sharing what you’ve got! Here are some great tips for hosting a memorable Thanksgiving dinner at your new Spring, Texas apartment.

Organize Your Guest List Early

Your apartment can only hold so many people, and COVID recommended guidelines will keep the guest list tight for your first Thanksgiving. Start now so you can effectively plan out where people will congregate, sit, and eat. This will help to determine how many guests you can comfortably host for a fun-filled feast.

Starting the guest list early also helps you figure out menu options and properly budget for decorations, place settings and any other flare you’d like to add to the holiday.

Take Advantage of Apartment Amenities

The amenities provided by Arden Woods Apartments will make you and your Thanksgiving guests that much more comfortable. From reliable heating to built in washers and dryers for guests who want to stay longer than planned, our amenities have your holidays covered.

Don’t Fret Over What You Don’t Have

Your guests are most likely close friends and immediate family this year. So, if there are some cooking tools you don’t own, ask your guest list what tools they can contribute to the big day. Unless you plan on regularly using specialty cooking equipment, there shouldn’t be a need to go out and spend over your allotted budget on items you can easily borrow.

Find a Place for Coat Storage

Even if you have a larger apartment unit, purses, coats and hats can easily clutter up your comfort zone. Plan ahead and have a closet or closed off bedroom prepared to be a holding space that keeps your main celebration area clear.

Don’t Be Afraid to Go Disposable

Even if you have fine china, having lots of “cooks in the kitchen” during cleanup after your meal can make the calmest of hosts begin to feel stressed. Your family and friends are here to celebrate with you, so make the most of your time with them and purchase nice looking disposable plates and silverware for your event.

Make it a Potluck

Cooking an entire Thanksgiving meal is possible in an apartment, but can be stressful for a first-timer. Start off your holiday traditions slowly and make Thanksgiving a potluck. Sure, you can be in charge of the main course like the turkey or roast, but have your guests volunteer to bring some of their favorite sides to round out the festivities.

Be Ready for Kids

The likelihood of some of your guests bringing children to your Thanksgiving is high. Be prepared to keep them entertained:

  • Have Netflix for kids already fired up
  • Purchase some coloring books
  • Set out a board game collection for older children

Enjoy the Holidays in Comfort at Arden Woods Apartments

Arden Woods is proud to be the premier apartment choice for renters in the Spring, Texas area. We offer luxury units that provide a great place to start a family or enjoy the single life. The opportunity for happy living is here at Arden Woods and we are ready to accept your application and get you moved in. Contact us today to start the rental process.